Boost your leadership skills

Could executive coaching make a measurable difference for you?

Imagine how you could boost your performance (and the performance of your company) by building leadership skills to help you:

  • Navigate office politics with agility and confidence.
  • Delegate effectively (and get things done!).
  • Develop teams that work well together.
  • Deliver business results reliably.
  • Achieve the recognition—and rewards—you deserve.

Even better? Your company wins, too. Of companies ranked as top financial performers, 55% provide formalized mentoring for leaders (DDI 2018 Report).

Discover your potential and purpose as a leader with a visionary executive coach to guide and challenge you.

Supercharge your career

Would you trade money for meaning? Nine of 10 workers in the U.S. would. (BetterUp, 2019)

Working with a career coach empowers you to:

  • Discover opportunities that align your skills, value and purpose.
  • Earn recognition for your work.
  • Contribute measurably to your company’s success.
  • Balance work and personal goals.
  • Positively impact others.

Discover your potential and purpose at work with a visionary career coach to guide and challenge you.

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 A Message from Kathleen Winsor-Games, Principal

Kathleen Winsor Games | Executive Coach DenverToday, companies and the talented professionals who work for them are placing much greater emphasis on satisfaction, fulfillment, and creating a vision that aligns with their personal values.

As an accomplished executive business coach and career advisor, it is my sincere belief that your passion and beliefs — when aligned with disciplined, success-based business principles — really can drive sustainable results for your company and its shareholders. As a career coach, I can help guide you to a more strategic approach to your role that will lead to significant contributions and measurable outcomes within the workplace.

Through these guiding principles, I can help you reinvent your work, and ignite breakthrough success for you, your team, and your business.

Kathleen brings over 20 years of experience as a coach, strategist, and confidential advisor to executives from startups to Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States.  As an innovative thinker, published author, and results-oriented business coach, her programs integrate powerful techniques, processes, and practical tools to promote positive change and encourage dynamic workplace communication and collaboration.

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