Zombie Career Advice РPart II

Career Advice that Once Worked, But is (hopelessly) Outdated

Zombie Career AdviceThis week we continue to explore what I call Zombie Career Advice and provide insights on how to save your career from these myths that just won’t die.

Here are a few examples of Zombie Career Advice:

  • Career advice you have heard over and over that doesn’t work
  • Myth versus Reality in job search and career change (well-meaning advice that doesn’t help)
  • Career advice that once worked, but is outdated


If you are not familiar with the role the recruiter plays, this is an understandable belief.

The fact is, recruiters are paid by the hiring company to find the best person currently performing the job. If the hiring company can offer career advancement, a more effective manager to report to, or a more favorable culture, the move could make sense and a hire can take place.

Recruiters are not career coaches. They don’t have time to give career advice. Companies are reluctant to pay a fee and only do so when they can hire proven talent.

This means that you really do need to learn about current self-marketing strategies. No one should have more interest in your career success than you, so why not add this important skill?

What are some of your favorite Zombie Career Advice myths?

We are compiling a list to see how many career zombies we can kill off. (We also hope to get a few laughs in the process.) Here are a few to get you started:

  • Get a job and stick with it until you retire
  • Start your job search before you clarify a career vision and strategy
  • You can just walk in the door and get a job
  • It’s not polite to brag (self-promotion is bad)
  • Take any job you can get and be grateful!
  • Who do you think you are, wanting a job that you like?
  • Someone will “give” you a job


Do get a “survival job” if you need one.

Don’t stop the reinvention process!