3 High Growth Industries Where You Can Create Your Next Position

High Growth Industries with Talent Shortages

Create New Opportunities

Create New Opportunities

In a previous post, I talked about the five steps to creating your next career position. This week, I would like to take a deeper look at three high growth industries that are ripe for disruptive and productive career moves. Featuring you, of course!

How can you jump-start this process of creating your next opportunity? Let’s review some industries and job functions for examples of areas where you can identify new opportunities.

The Future is 3D

In manufacturing, the future is 3D printing (additive printing). Look across the manufacturing landscape and you will notice that nearly every sector with manufacturing is adopting 3D printing. For starters:
Automotive: A 3D car has now been printed
Aerospace: “Off-world” printing of parts on the space station is a reality
Advertising: Nokia now allows customers to 3D print customized phone covers
Biomedical: 3D printed prosthetic hands
Fitness: Customizable 3D printed orthotics

Here is a list of 3D startups to watch:
3-D Printing Companies to Watch


Water: A Graceful Exit from Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry has been hard hit the past two years. If you are looking for opportunities to transition out, think about oil and gas technologies and processes that are relevant to other industries. For instance, water transportation, remediation, desalination, and conservation are all growth areas where you can add skills and present your portfolio of business solutions.

10 Ways Technology is Changing the Future of Water


New Jobs Created by IoT?

The “Internet of Things” is a force for change, and is sweeping multiple industries in much the same way as 3D printing. More than new jobs are being created by IoT.  Whole industries are springing up, and many of them will be sustainable for the long term.

10 Jobs in the Internet of Things

According to an article in Forbes, there are five skills required to compete for the new jobs in IoT.
• Connecting ideas from many sources; pattern recognition
• Collaborating and bringing teams together
• Communicating, with the ability to articulate complex messages and influence others
• Knowledgeable, possessing an independent learning style
• Persistence in the face of challenges and obstacles
Forbes: 5 Skills You’ll Need in IoT


This is a great list for those interested in moving in the direction of IoT. Beyond that, this list of skills represents what is required for anyone looking to adapt and create opportunity.

The three industries we previewed today are just the beginning. Look to your own industry for hints of change, disruption, and opportunity.