Navigate Your Path with Certainty

Define Success on Your Terms

From leadership development, learning to delegate more effectively, and improving one’s management style, business leaders at today’s entrepreneurial and mid-size companies are looking for more.

The Winsor Group recognizes that growing your business and elevating it to the next level requires discipline and a proven strategy. This is the approach we take with business coaching and the companies we’ve partnered with in the past.

We also provide guidance to business professionals looking to advance their career. This area is underscored by our recognition that satisfaction and fulfillment now have equal standing in today’s business environment with strategies, tactics, and revenues.

It’s our heartfelt belief that your purpose and passion really can be your profession.

If you believe your strongest measurable outcomes occur when your career is in alignment with what you’re meant to do—then you’ll appreciate the unique value The Winsor Group delivers.

This value is encompassed by four attributes essential to helping you navigate your path and define success on your terms.


  • Recognize and stay one step ahead of emerging trends to accelerate our clients’ success


  • Blend analytical with intuitive, creative with practical, and data with intuition to gain insight and identify transformative opportunities for our clients


  • Bring out the best in people and organizations through proven processes, vision, and shared accountability


  • Serve with empathy and go above and beyond the norm to help our clients realize success!

Through these guiding principles, The Winsor Group ignites breakthrough success for your career, your team, and your business.

The Winsor Group is the premier executive and business coaching firm in Denver

Established in 2003 by Kathleen Winsor-Games, The Winsor Group helps businesses and individuals tap into their hidden potential and achieve breakthrough performance.  We offer expert guidance to help bring your business vision – or career – to life with a structured, agile action plan that defines success on your terms.

The Winsor Group also helps businesses with targeted executive search services.


Who We Serve

Established Organizations – We collaborate with executive management to support ongoing success by helping them identify, attract, develop, engage, and retain the best talent through talent assessment, succession planning, executive coaching, and search. We recognize the business value of executing talent management strategies that have a measurable impact on profitability.

Individuals – We provide high-performing individuals going through career transitions with strategies and guidance to help them navigate the constantly evolving job search landscape and discover the work they were meant to do. For those who have landed in their ideal positions, there is still work to be done. We coach good performers to be great performers. Our process helps clients recognize their unique gifts so they can play to their strengths and “Work Inspired.”

Emerging Businesses – We coach small-business owners on developing their own talent and that of their employees, and assist them in developing and executing strategies that drive their business to the next level.