Executive Coaching: Auto-Executive Goes Into Overdrive

Bill Finn had worked in the consumer lending financial arena for his entire professional career. Advancement sometimes came through changing companies − all in the automotive industry. Like many high-level managers, directors and executives, Bill found himself out of work at a time when several members of his “natural” network, built over years of garnering professional relationships, were in the same boat.

Having made a few moves inside his industry, Bill knew it was time to look for opportunities in new areas. Confident in his management and financial services skills, he decided to do some evaluation to understand how he could transfer his talent to other industries.

Know Thyself and Succeed

The Executive Coaching program offered by The Winsor Group fulfilled Bill’s requirements for guidance in evaluating and re-aligning his skills. The one-on-one coaching he went through provided valuable insights that he, like many people, had not uncovered or clearly identified for himself.

“My primary goal when I started the program was to figure out how to work with my strengths and transfer them to another industry. Given how competitive I needed to be, working through exercises that clarified my marketability − first to me and then to prospective employers — proved very worthwhile,” said Bill.

Laser Focus and Lots of Work Pays Off

Learning networking strategies, including the right time and right way to ask for and get an interview, or to determine if there might be a fit or not, are other valuable skills Kathleen Winsor-Games taught Bill.

Bill also conveyed that the personal branding exercises and learning to communicate more concisely were central to his appreciation for Kathleen’s insights. “She taught me ways to find the so-called ‘hidden job market’ which proved very fruitful. Kathleen helped me in many positive, constructive ways.”

Success Story


Bill Finn, Relationship Manager/Partner Alliance Management


One-industry career executive re-invents himself.


Build a strong, clear personal brand to present to any given audience.
Became skilled at navigating networking events.
Leveraged extensive skills in new areas of the job market.

“Kathleen was really good at making sure I was mapping in the right direction and doing the right things that would lead to an interview.”
– Bill Finn

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