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How a Great Mentor Can Transform Your Career

How a Great Mentor Can Transform Your Career   Every career has turning points. Every career has setbacks. Have you thought about the positive impact a great mentor could have on your career progress and lifelong success?   The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a mentor as “a trusted counselor or guide”.  The mentee, or protégé, gains…


Can You Be an Effective Leader without Executive Presence?

How Would You Manage Insubordination?   Gravitas. Credibility. Authority. Command of the room. Confidence. Influence. These are words that are frequently part of the conversation regarding executive presence. Shouldn’t it be enough that you are good at your job? Won’t your ideas be adopted based solely on their value to your customers and company? We…


How Would You Manage Insubordination?

How Would You Manage Insubordination? Navigating Office Politics Congratulations on your promotion. You were selected over several internal candidates for the management role you have been working toward for years. The one thing you didn’t count on was the former peer who thinks he should have won the promotion. In fact, in the few short weeks since you assumed your new duties, “Jim” has done…


How Would You Solve this Office Politics Puzzle?

How Would You Solve This Puzzle? Navigating Office Politics After years of success and several promotions within a rapidly growing technology company, Sally achieved an important goal. She was promoted to the role of Chief Marketing Officer, a first for the company. Because she joined the company when there were less than 10 employees, she…


How Would You “Manage Up” with this Boss?

How Would You “Manage Up” with this Boss? Navigating Office Politics Lucy had worked for a major high tech company for over 15 years, working her way up from Customer Service Representative to Sales Support, then Sales Representative, and now Sales Analyst. After 5 years in the same department, she longed to move on. Every…