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Managing Up, The Ninja Way

Managing Up, The Ninja Way The Leadership Curve, Part 3   This week I would like to talk further about what happens when you stop trying to change your boss. Some of the most significant breakthroughs my coaching clients have experienced have come through the recognition that the only person you can change is YOU.…


Stop Trying to Change Your Boss

Stop Trying to Change Your Boss The Leadership Curve, Part 2   “If only I could convince our CEO and executive team to broaden the risk parameters of our company’s private equity portfolio. There’s so many more deals I could originate,” Greg complained. “If only my boss would communicate better about our team’s goals. She…


Navigating The Leadership Curve

The Leadership Curve Navigating a Steep Learning Curve While Staying Productive He was flailing in the deep end of corporate leadership with no lifeguard or other swimmers in sight, gulping for air. Despite his attempts to stay calm, he felt the panic rising inside. He had lost sight of the shoreline long ago. He had…


The Interview Question that You Dread

The Interview Question that You Dread Your Most Challenging Interview Questions and What to Say   What’s the one question that you dread hearing during the interview process? If dread is too strong a word, what’s the one question you are tired of hearing? It might be a question that feels as though the interviewer…