Career Coaching Denver

Envision What Your Best Work Looks Like

As a premiere Denver career coach, Kathleen Winsor-Games believes strongly that you do your best work when you’re doing work that’s right for you.

Sounds simple. But living this basic principle can be elusive. Why? Maybe you have…

  • Never had a clear vision or strategy to pursue your true purpose
  • Operated in default mode – pursuing jobs based on what was available
  • Felt trapped in a position that didn’t stimulate you
  • Become content with “Ok” and “Good enough”
  • Internalized limiting beliefs that hold you back from being your best

It doesn’t have to be this way. Through the Winsor Group’s career coaching program, you have the power to bring your work into alignment with your values, strengths, and expectations.

Your passion and purpose really can be your profession! Working with a respected career coach is a big step toward achieving this goal.

Kathleen Winsor-Games is a widely recognized expert at taking you through this life-changing process by using her proven success formula…

…Vision + Strategy + Tactics = Success

Kathleen will guide you through eye-opening self-discovery exercises that pinpoint exactly where you are in your career, and where you want to go.

  • Elicit – Draw out and identify your hidden desires and strengths
  • Clarify – Define your purpose and get exact about what you want
  • Articulate – State your destination and the tactics that will take you there
  • Action – Execute specific steps that create unbreakable energy and momentum

This stimulating career coaching program will provide you with a powerful plan that helps land the role you are truly meant to play.

The Winsor Group will show you exactly how to make this happen!

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