Career Coaching: From the Top of the Letter, Where to Go to Grow?

Colleen Stiles, an instructor at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in the Bachelor’s of Innovation™ degree program, has enjoyed tremendous success. With a career centered around philanthropic work, Colleen has served as CEO of two United Way chapters, among other leadership roles. Although she had attained an impressive level of success, Colleen reached a point in her career where she wanted to take a long, hard look back at her work experiences and relationships.

Trust Just the Start of a Fruitful Journey

Stiles chose The Winsor Group’s Executive Bootcamp coaching program because, “Kathleen is a top professional and I trust her. That trust let me be completely transparent and allowed me to reach deep inside myself and learn from mistakes as well as successes.”

Colleen quickly saw why the self-assessment work was one of the program’s cornerstones. Colleen stated, “Going through self-assessment, I was able to see the patterns of some of my less-than-best behavior. By uncovering those patterns, I felt a new freedom to do things differently.”

Working one-on-one, Kathleen taught Colleen to “push the envelope” on how she thought about and acted on attaining professional fulfillment in relation to reaching financial goals. Colleen also found value in developing customized criteria to evaluate business relationships and build alliances and networks that are more thoughtful.

Seeing Things Through a New Lens

“The coaching gave me the skills and strategic understanding of how critical it is to be ‘at choice’ every step of the way in making career decisions. Looking through a new ‘lens,’ Kathleen helped me to streamline my goals and at the same time recognize a plethora of opportunities I never saw before.”

Colleen added, “The Winsor Group has developed a compelling program that can benefit leaders anywhere in their leadership progression and that’s not easy to do!”

Success Story


Colleen Stiles, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, & Educator


Examine past career choices to continue to grow as a leader.


Comprehensive self-assessment yields valuable insights and actionable outcomes.
Success Criteria “lens” leads to more strategic career decisions.
New tools for building relationships and alliances opens fresh possibilities.

“Decisions I make now are strongly impacted by the strategic component of the Executive Bootcamp and Kathleen’s teachings.”
– Colleen Stiles

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