Success on Your New Job

Creating Early Wins in the First 90 Days

In our last post, we talked about aligning your success on your new job with the top priorities of your boss. Once you and your boss  have discussed and outlined your top three to four major objectives to accomplish in your first 90 days, six months, and one year, what’s next?

Here a few ideas to include on your “Early Win Checklist” to help you stay focused on the best ways to fit in, beyond the technical fit and task list:

1. Learn about the culture. Find out which behaviors are rewarded. Is the company focused on metrics such as reduced turnover or improved customer satisfaction? Learn about stated values and how they are instilled in the day-to-day work.

2. Identify the pace and intensity of the work. If you are accustomed to a quick pace, you may come across like a bull in a china shop if the culture is more thoughtful and measured. Are meetings formal, with written agendas? Or, are they held informally, with standing check-ins?

3.  Conduct a mini-SWOT analysis. If you haven’t already done so, conduct a high level analysis of the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. How does this impact your goals?

4. Stay on the same page with your boss. Learn about your boss and his communication style. Does he prefer emails or phone calls? Would she rather that you walk down hall and talk informally? Find out about her preferred method to receive updates on wins, obstacles, and your recommendations for solutions.

 5. Re-calibrate & Adjust. Maintain focus on the top priority activities and learn to delegate effectively. Check in periodically to gauge shifts in company agenda and team priorities. Adjust and tweak your activity and reporting style when needed.

Once you have achieved some early wins, look to your next 90 days and set out some stretch goals that align with your boss and the organizational vision for the year.

A final thought: Take time to record your successes for future reference. Retain those records in a personal file at home. That way, you are well positioned to present your accomplishments when it is time for a raise or a big promotion. Make it a practice to do a resume update after big wins, so you are ready to consider new job opportunities.