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Crystallize and Articulate Your Vision

clear communication leadershipDo you know how to ask for and get what you need in the workplace?

Whether you are a leader of a dispersed sales team or a solo contributor who longs to move into your first management role, your ability to crystallize and articulate your vision and win others over is a major key to your success.

Are you reporting to a Board of Directors or Private Equity Management Group and feel your contributions are undervalued or your insights are ignored?

How well do you understand the motivations, communication style, and decision-making process of those around you?

It is imperative to consider these factors when it comes time to influence others. Yet most of us are baffled from time to time by the communication style of a boss, investor, staff member, or customer.

Here are some of the scenarios we have helped executives navigate successfully:

  • How to get management on your side when you are ready to propose a new hire or new project that you believe can improve company performance
  • Getting others on board to help with the heavy lifting involved on a new initiative when they don’t report to you directly
  • How to position your top-line and bottom-line value to your organization when the CEO, Board of Directors, or Private Investors seem disinterested in the “details”
  • How to get the guy down the hall to stop taking credit for your work (without being a jerk) and position yourself for the next promotion

Kathleen Winsor-Games helps owners, presidents, CEOs, and other C-suite executives at small and emerging growth companies focus on getting results through more compelling communication. Find out today how Kathleen can help you or your executive team make gains in these areas that have a demonstrable impact on profits and growth.

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