Got Influence? Take Our Influencer Assessment

What is an Influencer Score? It is a subjective measure of your skills in positively influencing those around you. This can include your board of directors, manager, peers, staff, stakeholders to your job or community organization, and so on.

How well do you embody the traits of people who effectively communicate, persuade, and inspire positive action in the people around them? Take a look at the traits outlined, and give yourself an honest score on each.

Once you know your score, choose one area of focus. What action steps can you take immediately to build a better score in that area?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how do you rank? (1 is least, 10 is the highest or best)

What Does This Mean?

To get a free read-out on your survey score, please provide Kathleen with your name and email address and she will email you information on how this score typically relates to personal work style, strengths, and challenges.

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