Managing Up, Out, and Down

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Survey

The following quiz was designed to help you gauge your ability to “manage up, out, and down”. The workplace scenarios you navigate daily are likely complex and without simple answers. Nevertheless, this quiz can help you get a sense of your ability to think and act strategically, influence your peers, and lead teams, while identifying areas where you can improve.

What Do Your Responses to Our Survey Mean?

How would you respond to each of these scenarios?  Would your response bring about a positive result? Some of the best answers appear to be common sense, however, it is surprising how much more difficult such choices become when we are confronted with rapid or unexpected changes and have to make decisions in the heat of the moment. To get a free read-out on your survey score, please provide Kathleen with your name and email address and she will email you information on your score and how this typically relates to personal work style, strengths and challenges.

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