Boost your team’s performance and business impact with Leadership Foundations

Whether it’s time to correct course, or map a new leadership strategy, our Leadership Foundations program can help.

Refine and build on your leadership know-how with insights and tools that will help you drive measurable results. In this program, you’ll learn:

  • How your leadership style impacts your team and business impact
  • To understand how to adapt your leadership style to different situations
  • To build a success strategies roadmap to continue strengthening your leadership style
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    About Kathleen Winsor-Games

    Kathleen Winsor Games | Executive Coach Denver

    Kathleen Winsor Games is Founder and Principal of The Winsor Group. She is also a published author, and widely recognized as a dynamic and innovative career and business development coach.

    Accelerate your development as an authentic and results-driven leader

    Leadership Foundations will help you:

    • Clarify your vision
    • Channel your focus
    • Navigate your path

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