Executive Mentoring Prepares You for the Future of Work

How has Work Changed?

The world of work has changed in the past decade, with change accelerating to a furious pace in the past four years. The Great Recession of 2008 created a seismic shift in how we work, how we search for work, and what we expect from work.

Going to work once meant a full-time job, health care, a retirement plan, centralized work places, climbing a career ladder, and an illusion of job security. On the downside, job security sometimes meant mind-numbing routine, little autonomy or creativity, unbearably long hours and accompanying levels of stress.

Today, many who are unemployed are seeking only to replace their previous job and are running into the brick wall of the current economy and the changing face of work. Still others who have survived lay-offs are feeling overworked, stressed, and hoping they are not caught in the next round of lay-offs.

Whether you are employed or unemployed, it pays to rethink your assumptions about work and take a proactive stance to planning your future.

Executive Mentoring Opens Doors to the Future

Facing the future of work means learning new career management skills, but you don’t have to go it alone.  Many successful people have found that identifying a mentor has helped them adapt to rapid change and build new skills. The best mentors help us to question outmoded assumptions and push us to take on new challenges. Whether you work with a mentor on a formal or informal basis, look to align with someone who has mastered the art of self-marketing, and who embraces the use of social media in managing their career. If you are still employed, see if your company will pair you with a mentor or ask if they will provide corporate executive coaching.

Could Executive Mentoring Be a Key to Your Success?

If you see significant change on the horizon within your current company don’t wait for the turmoil to blow over. Chances are your competition is taking proactive steps to gain mastery of the new rules in the changing world of work. Whether you are looking to position yourself for more visibility and responsibility in your company, or you sense a restructure or lay-off is imminent, tap into your trusted executive mentors or hire someone for a few hours of career coaching.