“Kathleen has a unique and skillful approach to relationship building with candidates, which is based on her ability to elicit the values held dear to prospects.”


Greg Osborne, Bridge Capital Resources, LLC

Executive Search Denver

Identify, Attract, and Retain the Best Talent

Maintain a Culture that Continually Ignites Success!

Conducting an executive search for your organization can be costly and time consuming. Recruiting the wrong talent can be EXTREMELY expensive.

The loss in productivity and the downturn in company culture is often impossible to measure in dollars alone.

Among Denver executive search firms, Kathleen Winsor-Games is widely known as a renowned specialist in recruiting first-class talent. Let’s face it, productivity and revenue are the lifeblood of every business. So you simply can’t afford to go with hunches when it’s time to hire.

To maintain a culture that ignites and breeds success, it’s imperative that you partner with a Denver executive search expert who can…

  • Streamline your candidate pool down to only those who meet or exceed your standards
  • Uncover candidates that complement and enhance your winning culture
  • Assist with salary negotiations and forestall counter offers
  • Provide new hires with coaching to ensure they meet company objectives

More than typical Denver executive search firms, the Winsor Group eliminates the extreme cost in dollars and morale that result when you make the wrong hire. These are losses that can take years to recover from.

Kathleen Winsor Games’ seasoned insights also help leading companies in numerous industries…

  • Sharpen interoffice communication
  • Mitigate and navigate office politics
  • Build executive presence in their new leaders
  • Align personnel in teams to maximize productivity

There are a wide range of executive search firms in Denver, Colorado. What sets The Winsor Group apart is its unique system, tools, and philosophy that helps companies chart their course and steer towards continuing success.

So why leave hiring the best talent to chance, when you can leave it to a proven industry expert?

Attract top talent to your business!

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