Finalizing Your Career Strategy

It’s Not Too Late to Craft Your Vision

So you haven’t finalized your 2015 Career Strategy?

It’s not too late to craft your vision and kick-start a great year!

Whether you want a promotion or you are searching for a new job, these strategies can help you break through now.


1. Reassess the fit of your current role

How well does your current job align with your values and strengths? The better aligned your values and strengths with the company culture, your boss and job, the more engaged and effective you will be.

The opposite also holds true. If your current job uses few of your strengths or is in direct conflict with your values, you may feel drained and disengaged. If so, it is time to move on.

If you are searching for a new job currently, investigate the potential fit of the culture with your values and strengths before you take the position. Your career stability depends, in large part, on finding a good match of culture, values and strengths,versus taking any job.

2. Document last year’s successes now

Choose your top three accomplishments of last year (or most recent). Document each for future reference.

Use this formula to organize and describe each success:
• Situation/Challenge,
• Actions (that you took), and
• Results (including specific metrics)

What problem did you solve, or new product did you launch? How did you prevent costly liability, trim labor costs, or add to revenue?

If you cannot answer these questions, take time to research the answers and get help from a trusted peer to gather key facts.

You will need this information in three main scenarios: for reviews and raises, to position yourself for promotions, and to market yourself to new opportunities.

If you cannot articulate three compelling and relevant career success stories using this format, you are not ready to network and interview. Get input from a trusted colleague or enlist the help of a career coach to develop this important aspect of your strategy.

3. Build a vision and set goals for 2015

Choose one or two measurable goals for this year. These goals could include:
• Adding a well-regarded certificate to boost your skills and competitive edge,
• Conquering your fear of public speaking through formalized training,
• Positioning yourself for a promotion by taking on more visible, high impact projects

Take time to outline measurable goals, including deadlines. How will you accomplish these goals? What resources will you need?

Once you have completed your career brush-up and set goals, take time to schedule quarterly check-ins. This is a great way to honestly gauge your progress, make course adjustments, and forestall any tendencies to procrastinate.

Take time now, while the year is still new, to conduct this revealing exercise. Your pay off will be increased career satisfaction and measurable progress this year.