What is the Future of Work in Colorado?

Keys to the Trends that Impact Your Career

Future of work in colorado

You may have heard the recent predictions for industry growth and hot jobs in the U.S. over the next few years. But what about the job market that matters most to you?

Among the factors that are now driving economic and social change in Denver:


  1. Denver was recently rated as the #1 best place to live in the U.S. by U.S. News magazine U.S. News – Best Places to Live
  2. Denver leads the Forbes magazine list for best places in the U.S. for business and careers Forbes – Best Places for Business & Careers
  3. Denver is the top spot for purchasing medical and recreational marijuana

According to a recent report by the Denver Business Journal, here are the most-advertised job postings in February 2016. (The number of job postings appears in parentheses.)

  1. Registered Nurse (5,680)
  2. Software Development, Applications (2,798)
  3. Retail Sales (2,461)
  4. Network and Computer System Administration (2,340)
  5. First-line Supervisors of Retail Workers (2,256)

While such reports can give us insight into in-demand jobs and the future of work in Colorado, there are factors to take into consideration. At least some of these postings are “phantom jobs.” By that, I mean postings for positions that appear for one of these reasons:

  • A hiring decision has been made and the posting is a formality,
  • Interviews may be held to determine the level of market talent and salaries, or
  • Companies may use the posting process to build a future talent pipeline

It’s a good idea to read local business publications to see which companies are moving here, which industries are strong, and which companies are experiencing growth. Connect with a well-informed career coach in Denver and tap into recruiter insights in the local market to guide your career strategy.

According to an annual report by the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation, the top industries for employment (and the numbers employed in each) in Colorado include:

  1. Aerospace (19,200)
  2. Aviation (16,800)
  3. Beverage Production (8,600)
  4. Bioscience (15,200)
  5. Broadcasting and Telecommunication (42,000)
  6. Energy: Fossil Fuels and Cleantech (54,700)
  7. Financial Services (96,800)
  8. Healthcare and Wellness ( 202,500)
  9. Information Technology and Software (48,000)

What new insights can you gather by reviewing the latest economic data and job trends in our local market? Think about how you can tailor your next career transition to align with your strengths and areas of greatest economic growth. The time you invest in staying up to date on the local market can keep you a step ahead in the job market.