How Clearly Defined are Your Vision and Purpose?

To kick off the New Year, I wrote about leaders approaching the year through the lens of “Success Factors” instead of New Year’s Resolutions.  Now, I would like to break out the elements I outlined as a sort of road map to accelerate your accomplishments and help you stay the course throughout 2018.


Defining your Vision imageLet’s begin with Success Factor One.


Clarify Your Vision & Purpose

Did you begin last year with a clear vision and purpose? If so, then it makes sense to launch this year by revisiting and perhaps refreshing your vision and purpose.


If you haven’t taken the time (yet) to define your career or business vision and purpose, you still have time to wrap that up by the end of January. There’s a lot of 2018 left in which to achieve goals based on your vision and purpose.


What to include in your Vision:

I think of vision as a values-based description of your best possible contribution. What are you working toward in your career or business? A well-defined vision expresses closely held values and the result of acting on those values. It’s the “why” of what you do for a living. It’s the answer to why your work has meaning to you.


An example of an excellent vision statement for an organization:

Habitat for Humanity:  A world where everyone has a decent place to live.


Do you see how this statement specifies how Habit for Humanity will realize its vision?

For help with writing your Vision and Purpose (or Mission) statements, click here:


Although intended for non-profits, the free worksheet provided by Top Nonprofits can help you write a vision statement that translates well into establishing or refining the direction of your career or business. Make sure that your vision is specific and actionable.


Mission Statement Success FactorsWhat to include in your Purpose (or Mission)

You know a great company mission statement when you see one, right? Good leadership requires level of clarity. One of my favorites is the mission statement of Zappos:


To provide the best customer service possible. Deliver “WOW” through service.


How will we know if Zappos is living its mission? We can measure the results of their actions through customer satisfaction surveys and online reviews. For more inspiration and ideas on mission statements, check out this resource at The Marketing Blender.


You will know you have written an excellent purpose or mission statement when it:

         Reflects your values

         Incorporates your vision

         Is observable in your actions and the measurable results of your work


Clarifying your vision and purpose can have a galvanizing effect on the trajectory of your career and success of your business. Try the exercises in the worksheet and let me know your results.