Here’s to your job search success in the New Year! Whether you are just beginning a job search or you’ve been out there a while, take a step back and consider the job search strategies you can integrate to speed your search and get a job offer sooner:

1. Embrace the fact that the contingent work force is where most of the hiring is taking place. That means contract positions, temp-to-hire, and consulting. Taking such an assignment and turning in a stellar performance means you are the top candidate when full-time hiring kicks in.
2. Find all the new online places where contingent, contract, or consulting gigs are available and visit weekly.
3. Add one new thing to your search strategy this year: Publish an article, write a white paper in your area of expertise, join in or start discussions on Linkedin Groups, or start a regular blog.
4. Make your search “Outbound” by researching and making a manageable target list of companies in your industry. Find ways to network to the decision-makers within these companies.
5. Get out of your comfort zone. Develop a networking script for emails and phone calls that will help you connect with decision-makers and establish relationships. (Note: You won’t be asking for a job initially, just finding ways to connect and in some cases help them network.)

These are proven strategies that can be game-changers for you. Choose one or two that are new to you, and develop a plan to master the skills involved. Doing so will help you stand out and speed your job search!