Leadership Development

leadership development imageGrit, long hours, and hard work will only get your business so far. A premiere leadership development coach, Kathleen Winsor Games says it’s not uncommon for small, emerging companies to suffer from growing pains. Even the most successful entrepreneurs hit obstacles that impede their ability to break through to the next level.

Has your success to date created a new set of problems? This means you are facing issues today that you never considered when you opened your business.

You may feel overwhelmed today by the need to:

  • Delegate more effectively and resist the urge to do everything yourself
  • Lead, inspire, and manage your team through a challenging growth spurt
  • Get everyone on board with new initiatives to grow the company
  • Manage increasing levels of complexity brought on by growth

Kathleen Winsor-Games and The Winsor Group can serve as your bridge to the future by helping coach you and your executive team on better business practices, more effective management styles and leadership performance.

We help high-potential leaders boost their business communication and leadership skills. We help them discover their strengths, maximize their individual potential, and optimize the performance of the business.

Kathleen coaches executives and management teams on:

  • Effective ways to delegate, lead, and motivate employees;
  • Achieving buy-in on the company’s vision and goals; and
  • Proactive conflict resolution and obstacle hurdling

All of this equates to:

  • Increased efficiency and profitability;
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty;
  • Higher levels of employee engagement and performance; and
  • Enhanced ability to seize business opportunities

Delegate, Lead, Inspire!

Managing Up, Out, and Down

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