Mastering the Self-Marketing Mindset

Skills of the Savvy Self-Marketer

Over the past month, we covered concepts related to the self-marketing mindset, including practical definitions of self-marketing (the “what”) and the importance of self-marketing (the “why.”) To wrap up on the topic, let’s address the skills required for the savvy self-marketer (the “how.”)

In order to differentiate your skills and strengths from the many available employees, contractors, and consultants in the market, these are the core skills that you need in your toolkit:

  1. Self-Review and Self-Assessment – Know your values, strengths, accomplishments, desired role, desired scope or level of work, unique lifestyle considerations, and desired compensation
  2. Research and Understand the Evolving Job Market – Where are the growth industries and growth positions, and how does your career path intersect?
  3. Define Your Target Market List – Don’t wait for job postings, but instead create a list of companies you admire that could need your skills now or in the near future
  4. Develop Your Personal Brand Message and Materials – Develop your personal branding message. Integrate that message in your networking pitch, resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letters, Facebook page, and best interview success stories
  5. Execute an Outbound Marketing Campaign – Go beyond the frustration of job postings to identify opportunities, and build a network of champions and advocates who carry the message of your value to decision-makers on your target market list
  6. Network, Network, Network – Leverage LinkedIn, professional associations, alumni groups, volunteering, coffee meetings, email outreach, and highly targeted phone calls to expand your visibility to decision-makers
  7. Hone Your Interview Skills – Learn to present your accomplishments and ability to solve the decision-maker’s problems in brief, compelling, authentic, and relevant ways
  8. Develop and Execute a Weekly Job Search Plan – Make a realistic commitment to the hours you will spend on your search weekly and allocate that time wisely
  9. Lather, Rinse, Repeat – Who knew that the humble shampoo bottle could contain such valuable career advice? Marketing your skills, whether for a job search or to find the next consulting gig, must now be a well-honed habit.

Learn to Ask for Help

Feeling stuck or over-whelmed? Remember that you are not alone. Perhaps we should add one more skill to the list: Learn to ask for help! Reach out to respected mentors and peers. Look for local free or low-cost resources like job clubs. Consider hiring an expert in career transition before your urgent situation turns to a career emergency.