Compelling Conversations Webinar

Recorded May 2, 2017

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Kathleen's CPCU Leadership Summit Presentation

Topic: "Compelling Conversations: Influencing Positively and Powerfully"

Do you know how to ask for and get what you need in the workplace? Kathleen Winsor-Games answered this and other questions during her presentation at the CPCU Leadership Summit, April 20-22, 2017 in Baltimore, MD.

What she discussed:

  • How to quickly decode the motivations and desired communication style of your boss, peers, customers, project stakeholders, and staff
  • The best ways to build rapport, increase trust, and propose ideas to different personality styles
  • What to avoid when presenting ideas to each personality type so you don’t “kill the deal” before your idea gets off the ground

Executive Influence Slide Deck CoverWhether you are a leader of a dispersed sales team or a solo contributor who longs to move into your first management role, your ability to crystallize and articulate your vision and win others over is a major key to your success. How well do you understand the motivations, communication style, and decision-making process of those around you? If you have ever been baffled by the communication style of a boss, staff member, or customer, this session can help you solve the puzzle.

Click here to download Kathleen’s CPCU Society Leadership Summit presentation, click here. 

Managing Up, Out, and Down

Are you in line for a promotion, or have you recently received a promotion? Would you like to receive more recognition for your accomplishments, but aren’t comfortable with talking about yourself? Most of us were raised to believe that “it’s not polite to brag”, yet we know there are secrets to getting recognition and respect in the workplace.

In order to be promotable and effective, no matter your level within the organization, you must master the skills of managing up, out, and down. Communicating with senior management takes a different skill set and different messaging than influencing your peers, or leading your staff to accomplish its goals.

We will decode the mysteries of effective positioning without getting overly political. Participants will come away with these new tools and insights:

  • How to hone your priorities and communications to make your boss look like a rock star, and boost your “promote-ability”
  • Ways to understand the communication style and motivations of your peers in order to collaborate more effectively and boost your visibility and influence
  • Keys to engaging your team and getting them to buy into team and company goals

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executive coaching presentation - denverKathleen presents to companies and professional associations on the topics of Team Building, Personal Branding, and Building a Better Company Culture.

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Take Your Career in Your Own Hands

CPCU Society Annual Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii, September 19 - 20, 2016

What would it look like if you were driving your career according to your personal values, vision, and strengths? How would it feel if you had choices and your expertise was sought out by recruiters and top companies?

In today’s world of work, it’s no longer enough to show up and do a great job.  What’s required is the ability and know-how to take your career into your own hands. Are you using tactical and reactive tools to manage your career, or do you have a well-thought out strategy? Do you understand the keys to building a compelling personal brand?

Attendees will come away from this session with game-changing tools and insights:

  • Hands-on methods for shifting from reactive mode to proactive strategies in your career
  • Keys to strengthen the effectiveness of your current career strategy, using our Career Strategy Scorecard©
  • Secrets of successful Personal Branding and action steps for boosting your brand

Join us for this refreshing look at the top ten things you can do this year, this month, right now to accelerate your career satisfaction and ensure that you are a sought-after talent.