Boost Your Personal Brand with Wise Content Creation & Consumption

Content: Should You Consume or Create It?

Content CreationThis week I will wrap up on our theme for the month, Social Media Capital, and the impact it has on your personal brand. Today I would like to focus on the importance of striving for a balance between content consumption and content creation. The danger of having so much content readily available in a plethora of social media channels is that we may get lost in the weeds.

I would like to emphasize the importance of operating from a clear vision and strategy when it comes to content. You may have decided that as part of your personal branding that you need to create content to stay relevant and build your visibility. As with all of the tools you use to manage your career, starting with tactics is sure to muddy your efforts and results.

I suggest instead, that you back away from all of your devices for a moment and stop to consider these questions:

If you spend time creating content, what is your vision and strategy?
Do you know the audience you are attempting to engage and how you wish for them to respond?
Are you creating content now only because you think you should?

I understand how important it is to stay relevant and visible, but have you defined a deeper motivation for creating individual content as part of your personal brand?

Have you defined a deeper motivation for creating individual content as part of your personal brand?

Some Terrific Reasons for Content Creation:

  • You have information or expertise that you are compelled to share with others
  • You have a solution to a problem in your industry or job function
  • It is important in your industry to build a following and engage customers or prospects

One of the most important things I learned about effective content consumption and creation came from Joe Pulizzi, author of Epic Content Marketing. He tells us, “The way we communicate with our prospects and customers is the one remaining way we can actually be different.” The concepts in his book are relevant to your personal branding efforts in more ways than you may think.

Find Your Content Mission, Boost Your Personal Brand

Without a guiding vision and strategy, it is easy to wander aimlessly with your content consumption as well as your posts, comments, and likes. What is the unifying theme or mission of your content consumption and creation?

Once I decided to create an annual content theme, tied back to an over-arching mission for my content, I found my content consumption and creation became much more focused, efficient, and effective.