Reinventing Work – Succeeding in the New World of Work

How Work has Changed

The new world of work has moved far beyond traditional job postings, traditional job arrangements, and the traditional job search. Work once meant a full-time job with a single employer, benefits, paid vacations, and showing up to a centralized office with your co-workers.

Today, work may mean a remote location and some form of “contingent” employment. That could include contract work, consulting gigs, or temporary assignments.

The road to employment and the way we work has changed radically, and so we must change too. If you are playing by the old rules, expecting to find a job through online postings, and limiting your job search to a full-time job with benefits, you may find yourself in the ranks of the long-term unemployed.

Stop Trying to Find a Job

In order to thrive in the new world of work, you must think, act, and market yourself differently than in the past. You must adapt. You must reinvent your approach to work.

You must begin by giving up on the notion that the economy will come back and things will go back to “normal”.

Think instead of how you can get paid sooner by targeting contracts and projects, while also looking for full-time opportunities. Think of work as predictable income and meaningful work, and not just as the traditional job you were raised to expect.

A New Framework

Begin with this framework:

  • Stop thinking of yourself as an employee and start thinking of yourself as a free agent
  • Start thinking of every job as temporary
  • Learn how to put yourself in charge of your career
  • Start thinking of self-marketing as something you must do continuously and do well

Sound daunting? Know that you are not alone and that this is unfamiliar territory for most of us! You can get better at defining and articulating your strengths, and you can learn how to market yourself convincingly.

If you have read this far into this blog post, thank you, and welcome to the re-launch of our blog.

Turning Chaos into Opportunity

The mission of this blog is to:

  • Help professionals and executives face the new landscape of work with clarity, purpose, and confidence
  • Help you to find meaningful work more quickly in both new and traditional formats by mastering trends that impact the workplace
  • Help you make the transformation from employee to free agent with the skills to market yourself, and at liberty to make better career choices

My mission is to help you master workplace trends and turn career chaos into new opportunities for meaningful work.

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