Resiliency as a Job Search and Career Strategy

Adaptability is Key

If you have been struggling with frustration in your job search, you are not alone. Today’s job search is taking longer simply because there are fewer job opportunities than qualified candidates. That does not change the fact that you need work. And right now, you need strategies to overcome your frustration and exhaustion.

The good news is that there is work to be found, provided that you are willing to update your process to match the way that opportunities are found today. One element of that shift is the willingness to take on project work and contract assignments.

Acknowledge Your Frustrations

Another key is to acknowledge the feelings of discouragement and frustration that are likely to build up over a lengthy search. Job seekers tell me how discouraging it is to spend hours online completing applications, only to receive little to no response.

I hope that you have broadened your efforts well beyond responding to postings, and that you are applying only to those jobs where you closely fit the requirements.

Beyond that, what can you do to manage the downward spiral of frustration and negativity when your job search becomes prolonged?

Resiliency Now a Required Skill

Resiliency is a prerequisite if you are to thrive in the current job market. Your ability to bounce back from discouragement and move on quickly from rejection is a key factor in your future success.

Allowing self-criticism and negative thinking to take over robs you of your confidence and momentum. You risk missing those great opportunities that you would notice in a more creative and confident state. Take note of the story you tell yourself about your own worth, and focus on keeping your self-talk positive, realistic, and productive.

Surround yourself with constructive and positive people, and distance yourself from those who criticize your attempts and whose negativity brings you down.

Other practical steps include:

  • Build a weekly schedule for your job search activities and stick to it
  • Increase your targeted networking meetings
  • Volunteer for your professional association
  • Tap into your county workforce center for free resources
  • Schedule a daily walk or other exercise
  • Expand your network into target companies whether they are hiring today or not

Stay focused on your goal and don’t give up. Get an accountability buddy who is positive and energetic, so you can help one another stay the course.