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Finding the Corporate Culture Where You Can Thrive

Every company has a culture, whether it is created intentionally or not. Have you ever wished that you knew the culture of a company before you accepted the job offer? Did you ever regret ignoring the red flags that came up in the interview process once you were in a new job? Better yet, do you wish to recreate the great experience you had two or three jobs ago? Denver Career Coach Kathleen Winsor-Games has good news: You are not alone.

Finding the ideal corporate culture is not an exact science. In fact, it may not be high on your list of written priorities. Nevertheless, it has probably occurred to you that working in the right culture brings out the best in people. The good news is you can take a highly proactive approach to discovering a company’s true culture before you join. What are the benefits of such a strategy? With a well thought out strategy, you can:

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