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Whether we recognize it or not, our values play a role in how we select our careers and choose the next opportunity. As a leading Denver-area career coach, Kathleen Winsor-Games emphasizes that how well we fit in an organization’s culture is determined in large measure by the alignment, or mismatch, of our own personal values and the culture.

As part of the self-assessment process, it is important to review, articulate, and prioritize your personal values in order to support optimal career choices. Imagine how unhappy, unfulfilled, and unproductive you would be in an environment where your values are at odds with the company that employs you. By contrast, imagine the advantages you can enjoy when competing with a field of candidates who have not articulated their values and career mission.

Once you have identified the companies or organizations where your values and skills are embraced, you can move to the short list of candidates. When you are truly aligned with an organization’s mission, values and goals, and you are in the right role, you are positioned to do your best work.

Doing your best work, in alignment with your personal values, moves you one step closer to career satisfaction.

Rank the importance of these workplace values on a scale of 1 to 5

(1 is Least important; 5 is Most Important)
1 = Not Important 2 = Somewhat Important 3 = Moderately Important 4 = Very Important 5 = Must Have

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