Road Map for Refining Your Career Mission Statement

Taking Your Mission Statement to the Next Level


Career Mission StatementThis week I wanted to provide a more in-depth example of how I helped one client through the steps of developing a career mission statement. Based on your feedback, this is not a simple or easy process, so I hope to shed more light on the steps. We will work with the CFO example I cited last week, using his values and strengths. I will break down the steps in more detail, so you can more readily replicate the process.

1. Start by outlining your values: (for example)

  • Relationships with Family & Friends
  • Personal Integrity
  • Learning & Intellectual/Career Growth
  • Financial Well-Being

How do your values tie into those you seek in a company?

  • Values lifelong learning
  • Collaborative environment (based on transparency, integrity, accountability)
  • Values a CFO who works collaboratively with CEO & C-Suite
  • Company that rewards measurable performance
2. Articulate your key strengths. We started with a master list, knowing that our list might be lengthy and that we would trim it down later.
His Concrete Skills:
Controller and CFO level experience
Reporting | Forecasting | Strategic Planning | Budget Development | Team Leadership
Execution of Strategic Initiatives | Partner to C-Suite Executives | Right Hand to CEOHis Industry Experience (this may not be significant for you, but it was for our CFO)
Manufacturing | Medical Devices
Manufacturing Process | Inventory Management | Cost Accounting | Supply Chain


His Soft Skills:
Interdepartmental Communication | Building Collaboration
Anticipating CEO’s questions | Roll-up-the-sleeves work ethic

Once we had a master list of strengths, including concrete skills and soft skills, we decided what to focus on in the career mission statement. This statement should be brief, anywhere from 8 – 20 words.

To continue reading about all of the steps in this processdownload our Roadmap here.