Does your current position offer the same level of challenge, recognition, and career satisfaction as it once did? Are you seeing some signs it is time for a career change?

Check your current work environment for these important signals, and if you identify with more than a few, then it may be time to strategize your next move.

1. No opportunity for growth or challenge. The boss has made it clear you have topped out in the company.

2. A radical shift in company values. You are consistently asked to do things that are dishonest or that lack integrity.

3. There’s a new sheriff in town. He or she is consistently replacing incumbents with their own team.

4. Centralization of authority. You no longer have the level of strategic input over your functional area that is required to be effective.

5. Lack of accountability in the organization. A lack of quality or loss of standards has eroded the company’s reputation.

6. Refusal to innovate or meet the changes of the market. The company is no longer the leader and is losing to the competition.

7. Lack of strategic vision. A once decisive management team seems to have lost their way.

If you can check one or more of these, see what can be done internally to mitigate or improve circumstances. But don’t wait too long, or hide your head in the sand before you decide to implement your own strategic career plan.

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What to do when it’s time to move on