Career Tune-Up to Life/Work Integration

Chris Faison, a former clinical trials operations manager at a pharmaceutical company, found himself in an all-too-common work scenario: still in place after reorganizations and mergers, job satisfaction and recognition were getting harder to come by as the “ladder” in front of him got longer, the company more “matrixed,” and his career progression less clear. A trusted friend suggested working with a performance coach to gain perspective on where his work could be heading.

180-Degree Decision Made With Confidence

Chris’ agenda with professional coach Kathleen Winsor-Games originally centered on navigating the changing waters at his existing company. At the start of The Winsor Group’s performance program, Chris acknowledged that he had to get over his victim mentality, which had crept up because of the shuffling and churn he experienced. Instead of thinking in terms of his employer directing his career, Chris made a significant shift to a take-charge mind-set. He recognized that he had related his personal success with his company’s, not his own satisfaction.

Working through insightful exercises with Kathleen, Chris realized he was pushing hard to climb the corporate ladder, but it was leaning against the wrong wall. That realization led to life-changing decisions. “Working with The Winsor Group, I came to define my own version of success; not just what my employer expected, but where my passions are and how to incorporate them into my work,” enthused Chris.

Focused Efforts “Create” New Entrepreneur

After completing his MBA while working full-time, Chris left his company and moved to Colorado from the East Coast to start his own sustainability business. Kathleen’s proven time-management tools helped him with short- and long-term goal-setting. He set and met daily, weekly, monthly and annual targets to accomplish several specific, thoughtful goals.

Chris also used these time-management tools to productively work long-distance with Kathleen. “The physical distance was not a deterrent or even a consideration. A good friend of mine in New Jersey went through coaching with The Winsor Group, all over the phone, and I saw his confidence soar. And now I feel that way about my future.”

Success Story


Chris Faison, New Sustainability Entrepreneur


Work hard to climb the corporate ladder, find a new one, or builds his own?


Discerning coaching exercises lead eye-opening realizations.
New time-management tools used to steer significant change.
Crucial life and career decisions made with confidence and clarity.

“It is satisfying to know I’m working on something I value and that is close my heart. Kathleen helped me see that my bigger successes are ahead of me”
– Chris Faison