Mentoring: The Power of Honing in on One Game-Changing Thing


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If you could get transformative mentoring help in one area of your career or business, what would it be? What would happen if you received focused help on the one thing that could translate into a quantum leap forward? With the help of a gifted and invested mentor, you could shave off years of the trial and error of going it on your own.


Last week, I wrote about how a great mentor can transform your career and boost your success. This week, I would like to build on two ideas from last week:

  1. Deciding which types of help you want from your mentor and
  2. Creating a list of desired traits, or a mentor “success criteria”


With that in mind, I would like to challenge you to choose the one area of your professional life that raises its ugly head from time to time. You know what I mean. It’s that one business or career puzzle that trips you up again and again.


It could be time to address the struggle you have with delegating. After all, no one completes certain tasks as well as you. That means you are in the weeds more than you should be, and that certain initiatives in your job or business never quite get off the ground because you are stretched too thin.


It could be the persistent struggle you have with office politics, and your professed desire to move to a smaller company, or maybe a non-profit, where there are “no office politics”.


Perhaps it is the same boss with a different name and different face. You know the one. He or she has that certain communication style you have always struggled with, before deciding to move on.


It might be something quite benign and simple, such as adding a new (but complex) skill set to your portfolio that would add to your visibility, satisfaction, and earning potential.


Tell us about the one game-changing thing for you. What would it be?

Tell us about your mentoring wish list. Narrow it down to the one area that could be a game changer for you. We will make recommendations on where to go next, and what questions to ask in order to enlist a mentor in your development.


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