The Power of the “Personal Brand Audit”

What Makes You Unique, Better, or Different?

How does your personal brand stand up to the scrutiny of recruiters or hiring managers? Do you have a clear idea of how your talents, accomplishments, and unique value proposition are seen by others?

Do your LinkedIn profile, resume, interview skills, and elevator pitch live up to your actual capabilities and potential impact? It is important for you to view your self-marketing messages through the eyes of the decision-maker; that is, your prospective customer or potential boss.

What Makes a Great Personal Brand?

Have you taken time to review the elements of your personal brand against the following criteria?

  • Congruent messaging in all formats
  • Clear, unique value proposition
  • Aligned with your target market
  • Updated to reflect recent innovations or standards in your industry or role
  • Authentic, Relevant, and Compelling

If your resume sends one message about your skills and target market, and your LinkedIn profile sends another, opportunities will pass you by.

Stand Out. Get Noticed. Get Hired.

Don’t let your value to the market be overlooked! Conduct a personal brand audit so you can identify your self-marketing strengths and liabilities. From there you can prioritize the areas of personal branding to focus on next. Which areas of improvement will get you the best return on your investment?

For instance, if you have been eliminated from several opportunities during the phone interview, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you targeting the right positions?
  • Have you developed an engaging  personal branding statement (networking pitch) that depicts specific strengths which are relevant and compelling for each hiring manager?
  • Do you present relevant success stories that show how you solved problems and helped save or make money in your past roles?

If you struggle with talking about yourself, or have a difficult time quantifying your accomplishments, seek help from a career coach or trusted ally who is familiar with your strengths and accomplishments. You will know you are well-positioned to discuss your value add when you have 4 – 6 defined success stories that convey how you can solve problems for your next target company.

What’s Your Personal Brand Score?

Interested in reviewing your personal brand? For our free downloadable Personal Branding Scorecard, email, and put Personal Branding Scorecard in the subject line.