The Secret To Finishing Strong in 2016

The first days of 2016 have swept past us, and with them, some opportunities have already been won or lost. One of the secrets to finishing strong in 2016 is to begin with a goal and write out a 100-day plan.

So even if your New Year’s resolutions have already faded, you can readily achieve a series of goals using this process.

Start with a Specific Goal

What are your top goals for 2016?

  • Find a new job
  • Get a promotion
  • Map your team’s roles and responsibilities more clearly and get them engaged

Write Your 100-Day Plan

Start at your end date of 100 days, and visualize what you want to happen by that date. Write down your vision, and be specific. If your goal involves aspects out of your control, take that into account. For instance, having a job in 100 days is a great goal. Since you don’t control the job market, the hiring process, or other candidates who show up to interview, think about breaking your goal into two potential outcomes. This includes your best possible outcome and minimum acceptable outcome.

Notice that I did not include a “worst possible outcome”. For the purposes of setting yourself up for success and not failure, we are focused only on achieving successful outcomes. Dwelling on negative outcomes is guaranteed to drain your energy and take away your focus and momentum.

Example of best possible outcome:

  • Secure a leadership position in the Behavioral Health field with a well-funded organization
  • Work with a leader known for excellence, integrity, and innovation in the field
  • Strategic role reporting to the CEO or Board of Directors
  • Earnings 10% higher than in previous role, with performance-based bonus opportunity
  • Commute of 30 minutes or less, with opportunities to work from home one day per week

Example of minimum acceptable outcome:

  • Management position in Behavioral Health field with a stable organization
  • High integrity, solid leadership team
  • Earnings same as previous role, with similar bonus structure as previously
  • Reasonable commute of less than 45 minutes, and work from home occasionally once trust is established

Did you notice how specific both of these outcomes are? They are detailed, specific, and measurable in nature.

Next Steps

The next steps in mapping your 100-day plan would be to brainstorm and list major milestones to achieve this goal. Break down what needs to happen by 90 days, two months, one month, weekly and so on.

Find an accountability buddy or hire a career coach to help. You will need the insights of someone who can help you identify potential hurdles before they appear. Choose someone who can help you come up with strategies for navigating those obstacles with agility.

As you complete one goal, move to the next using this process. Soon you will find yourself finishing strong in 2016.