The Three Step Formula for Self-Marketing

In the last blog post, I talked about the importance of self-assessment in successful self-marketing. I described the success one of my clients had by putting herself “at choice” in the job market, and outlined the three-step formula that we used in our career coaching.

She found that by focusing on a strategic process (and not just the outcome) that she actually got results more quickly than by “taking shortcuts.”

The Three Step Formula is:

  1. Know Thy Self
  2. Know Thy Market
  3. Then, Market Thy Self

Once you have defined your values and unique Success Criteria ©, (Know Thy Self) it is time to research and understand the job market or business market where you expect to find your next gig.

Know Thy Market

Do you have current information on the demand for your expertise? You will want to uncover a targeted list of companies that could hire you, regardless of whether they are hiring today or not. That is so you can research these companies and orchestrate a targeted marketing strategy that goes beyond relying on job postings to find your next opportunity.

Here are some questions you can ask in order to define your target market:

  • Are you in a growth industry or a growth function?
  • Do you know who the thought leaders and “influencers” are in your field?
  • Which companies are growing and innovating?
  • Who has the best reputation for being a great place to work?
  • What size of company would value my skills? A start up with a handful of employees who take on multiple roles? Or, a larger company where I will need to bring more specialized skills?

Start building a list of companies that fit your ideal company profile. Your list should include names of hiring managers and decision-makers that you will want to know, or that you may already know.

The best target market list will be focused on one or two closely allied industries in order to focus your career marketing efforts. Perhaps your work is not industry specific. For example, if you are a CFO or Human Resources leader, you could use company revenue size, values, product, and reputation to narrow your list.

Many of my clients begin with 100 or so companies because that is a manageable number to research over a period of weeks. You can add or eliminate companies as you learn more. Once you have your initial list, you are ready to begin the third step.

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