What Gets in the Way of Achieving Your Goals?

How to Navigate Obstacles and Break Through


What do you struggle with most when you set a vital business or career goal?

As we near the close of 2017, you may be looking back on the year and evaluating your progress on many career or business goals you set “way back” in January.

Which goals did you crush immediately and with little resistance? Which goals are still pending, perhaps staring back at you with more than a hint of accusation? After some informal polling on goal setting and common obstacles, I have gathered some interesting feedback that you might find useful.

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You may have been setting the wrong goals for you


Have you considered that some of your goals are based on what you think you “should” do, as opposed to what is intrinsically valuable to you? For instance, you may have decided to exercise more often because you think you should, instead of having a significant reason attached to the goal.


You set a big goal and got overwhelmed (and gave up)

That goal you set to write a blog post three times a week sure sounded right back in January. Before you begin such an undertaking, have you considered the over-arching mission of your blog? Are you passionate about the topic? Are you a driven expert set on helping others to navigate a specific challenge more easily? If you can see yourself writing about this topic for years to come, and your interest runs so deep you think about it daily, that’s a great sign. If it feels overwhelming from the start, set that idea aside in favor of something you would pour your energy into willingly for the long haul.


You have a secret fear that you can’t do it

Or, you have a secret fear you will be a smashing success at it, and then what? Everyone will expect you to repeat your success! Could you test out your big idea in “pilot program” fashion before fully launching it? That way you can learn about the pitfalls and navigate the most significant obstacles.


Maybe it’s not worth the effort after all

Is your goal one that would be “nice to have”? Or is it something with deep meaning and significance? Are you energized by pursuing this goal, and do you find overcoming the obstacles something that you “must do”? The answers to these questions can help you clarify whether this goal is important enough to commit to, or if your efforts are better spent elsewhere.


You have a skill gap or a “blind spot” that you need help addressing

Have you been struggling for ages to accomplish your goal, with little measurable progress? Perhaps it is time to step back, review the required skills, and boost your abilities. Have you considered that you may have a blind spot, and could use some objective advice to move forward?

These obstacles come up often in conversation with my clients. What would you add to this list?

Stay tuned this month as we share tools and resources to help you address each of these obstacles on your way to success.