What’s On Your Career Bucket List?

The Pros of A Career Bucket List

What are some meaningful accomplishments that you would like to check off your career bucket list before you retire? If you don’t have a career bucket list yet, December is the perfect time of year to set about creating one.
You could begin with a modest list initially, and grow it to encompass endeavors that are more ambitious. Having a career bucket list is a great way to get out of your comfort zone while boosting your confidence and enhancing your career mobility. Your list could include career milestones from the simple, to the adventurous and daring. Whatever you choose to include on your list, make sure that each item is actionable, inspiring, and stretches you to a new level.



Ideas To Get You Started

• Position yourself to ask for a raise.
• Make a spectacular speech.
• Lead a visible project at work.
• Start a blog.
• Publish a white paper.
• Get a promotion.
• Learn a new language aligned with your global business interests.
• Get a patent on your invention.
• Start a small business on the side.
• Buy a business franchise.
• Live and work abroad for a year.
• Get your Ph.D.
• Make your first $100,000 per year.
• Get a mentor who is influential and inspiring.
• Make a ground-breaking documentary for your industry.
• Raise funding for your new invention.
• Start a sustainability initiative for your company.
• Make your first million.

Putting It Into Action

Build your career bucket list based on your strengths, values, and meaningful goals that you can be proud of when you retire. By focusing on areas of passion, you will find that work no longer feels so much like work.
Write out your list and keep it where you will see it daily. Write an action plan for achieving your career bucket list items, and get an “accountability buddy” to keep you on track. Review your career bucket list quarterly to monitor your progress and identify any obstacles or breakdowns. Revise and adjust your plan by integrating your new-found wisdom and insights.
The benefits of developing your career bucket list and checking off items as you go along your career path are many. The boost in your self-confidence, career mobility, compensation and career satisfaction are just the beginning.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]