Why Self-Assessment Matters

Take What You Get, or Get What You Want?

Ever wonder why job seekers start with their resume when it’s time to look for a new job?

My experience in helping with career change and job search tell me that it is best to begin with a strategy, and a resume is not a strategy.  A well-written resume can be one of the outcomes of a great career strategy.

You may feel in a hurry to find work. Okay, I understand. We all have to pay the bills. Still, if you don’t stop and find out where your strengths will be valued most, you risk perpetual under-employment and long-term dissatisfaction.

I Will Never Take Another Job I Don’t Like

One of my clients recently said, ” I will never again take a job I don’t like just to pay the bills.”

She doesn’t have to now. When that great long-term job comes along, she will be ready to accept it. Meanwhile, she was able to cultivate a pipeline of great contract assignments because she has done the following:

  • Assessed her communication style, values, and culture preferences
  • Articulated her strengths, through the lens of current market demand
  • Gathered all her “career assets”, including accomplishments (like money-saving and revenue earning metrics), relevant success stories, and recommendations
  • Identified her unique value proposition, including fresh and dynamic language for all the ways she moves the needle

In other words, the formula we followed in the career coaching was this:

  1. Know Thy Self
  2. Know Thy Market
  3. Then, Market Thy Self!

Know Thy Self

So, before you run out and wallpaper the universe with your resume, or write a less-than stellar LinkedIn profile, stop and take these self-inventories:

  • Personal Values Survey – Do you want work that makes a difference? Innovation and a rapid pace?
  • Your Success Criteria – Include your values, strengths, desired role, company culture, compensation, and desired level of impact
  • Personal Branding – What are your greatest strengths? Have you clarified your unique value proposition?

Before you assess the level of demand for your skills in the market, it is important to have your values, strengths, and other success criteria mapped.

Need help on the Personal Values Survey?

For a free downloadable values exercise, email info@thewinsorgroup.com, and put Personal Values Survey in the subject line.

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