Winning Strategies for the First 90 Days

Success in Your New Job Begins with the Interview

We all know that first impressions count. That is true not only of the job interview, but also of your early days in the new job.

What you do and say in the first 30, 60, and 90 days on the job will set the course for success or failure. You now have the opportunity to demonstrate your grasp of the mission and values of the company, your alignment with the culture, and your knowledge of the priorities of your boss and team.

During the interview process, you answered many tough questions and provided convincing evidence of your skills and experience. You demonstrated your fit for the job and talked persuasively about how you would meet the day-to-day challenges of your position.

I hope that you were also able to get a clear picture of how your performance will be measured once you come on board, so that your first performance review is a resounding success!

How will Success by Measured by Your New Boss?

Did you and your new boss define success for your role? How will your performance be measured at 90 days, six months and one year? Success will depend in large part on how clearly your boss or the company defined your role, goals, and measurable objectives.

What is Your Plan for Aligning with the Company Culture?

Other factors come into play. High on the list of success factors is your ability to understand the culture. This goes beyond reading the website or mission statement. In the early stages, it is important to observe which behaviors are rewarded and how company values are expressed in communication with customers and employees.

It is equally important to understand the internal traditions, protocols, pace, and work style. For instance, is working from home frowned upon or expected? Are regular meetings between department heads expected? Do people email each other or walk down the hall to talk face-to-face? The more you know about this in the interview process, the better you can gauge a potential fit, and the better you will be able to adapt quickly.

As a career coach, I have a tremendous passion for seeing that right fit of culture, talent, and meaningful work come together for you. Enlisting this thought process in the interview and in your first 90 days can be a true game-changer for you.

Still to come:

– More success factors to help you create early wins

– How to interview with success measures in mind